Pick Your Favorites – R2

May 7, 2008 § 11 Comments

Here is a fresh challenge for you. Pick your favorite from each of the following pairs and tell me why.


#1 – The Great Pyramid vs The Great Wall


#2 – Global Warming vs Global Cooling


#3 – Red Rose vs Yellow Rose

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§ 11 Responses to Pick Your Favorites – R2

  • Kyrie says:

    Plain and simple:

    The Great Wall because it looks like a dragon.

    Global cooling because I’d prefer to be cold than unbearably hot.

    A red rose because I am infectious towards the color red.

  • leafless says:

    My picks:

    #1 The Great Wall – any wall that covers a whole country like this one deserves our awe.
    #2 Global cooling – can’t stand getting baked under the fiery sun.
    #3 red rose – any other color just doesn’t fit.

  • steve says:

    The Pyramids- The planning and execution of building rival todays builders and arcitechs
    Global Warming- Cooling took out the dinasours forget how quickly people will perish
    Red Rose- True beauty

  • Author says:

    I will resist reading the other comments until I’ve written my own!

    The great wall of China since it is the only man made structure that can be seen from space. Also, I want to walk part of it before i am too old …

    Global warning – we’ve had one ice age and it killed everything off!

    Red rose – The ultimate symbol of romantic love and enduring passion, the red rose also conveys respect and the creative spirit of love. Representing true love stronger than thorns, the red rose is known universally as the lover’s rose.

    Now to read the others ….

  • Raj says:

    #1 The Great Pyramid-a stunning architectural marvel
    #2 Global Cooling-I live in a city where it is hot and humid throughout the year
    #3 Red Rose-the true symbol of love

  • According to Accordions says:

    Great Wall- Come on, it is one of the Great Wonders of the World. But seriously, however, this monument’s history lies in the roots of practicality, and not so much spirituality like the pyramids.

    But I like the pyramids too.

    Global warming, since burning to a crisp is much more frightening than freezing to death. More painful too.

    Yellow roses seem more peaceful, and less ostentatious.


  • According to Accordions says:

    (I’d prefer freezing)

  • thesleepingtypewriter says:

    #1. The Great Wall: the way it winds and twists is mesmerizing

    #2. Global Cooling: the horizon in blurred, and snow always seems
    softer and less harsh

    #3. Red Rose: the petals always look like velvet to me, richer and
    more complete

  • sugali says:

    #1.The pyramid – the architecture and placement of each stone is beyond comprehension.

    #2. Global cooling- would hate getting cook

    #3. Yellow rose – I like the color and it makes the day brighter and happier.

  • enreal says:

    #1 The great pyramid… The great wall is nobel and took a great deal of skill and drive… but there is something about the Great Pyramid that leaves me in wonder… The mathematics, the astrology, the perfect symmetry. Not to mention the ideologies and representation…

    #2… this is a trick question?

    #3 I love roses… I guess it would have to be the red roses… it keeps its dignity until the end… any other rose would not…

  • PiedType says:

    #1 The Great Wall. Seems like it’s the greater feat. I like its mystery, its practicality, its sinuous beauty. (Recently learned from some reputable source that it is actually not visible from outer space, as we so often hear, but that the Pentagon is visible from outer space.)

    #2 Oh, please, if it’s going to be heat, just shoot me now.

    #3 The photos aren’t representative. An intensely yellow rose (not the wussy pale ones) warms the soul like the sun itself. (Sadly, red ones, now, will always remind me of my father’s funeral.)

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