Garden: Under the Lemon Tree

April 19, 2008 § 6 Comments

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~ Lemon trees have inspired numerous poems and songs. This is quite surprising, considering how ordinary and simple-looking lemon trees are. I guess their simplicity and unfanciness project the pureness of nature and of love. They also make great juice. 🙂



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§ 6 Responses to Garden: Under the Lemon Tree

  • madsilence says:

    I can think of several lemon-themed songs. There’s:

    –Don’t Sit Under the Lemon Tree With Anyone Else But Me
    –Put the Lemon In the Coconut and Mix ’em Both Together
    –Lemon Tree (Peter, Paul & Mary)


    Seriously try for a selection of songs about food.


  • Matthew Abel says:

    That lemon tree is very pretty. I bet the flowers are sweet.

    Oh but that fruit! The poor lemon 😦 It’s impossible to eat.

  • woodyooi says:


    Lemon juice is nice.. but remember to add a bit of “salt” apart from sugar.

    From this part of the world.. we steam fish with lemon too. But 1 thing to remember, do remove the skin, or else ,the after taste is bitter.

    When make apple juice, add a bit of lemon juice into it, it slows down the “browning” – oxidation effect.


  • Raj says:

    Yes,the simple things in life always represent purity.

  • mmmm homemade lemonade!
    I have heard there are lemons that can be sweet when picked right off the tree and eaten, not sure if thats myth though?
    Admin – Don’t think so. 🙂

  • theroadnow says:

    I have actually picked lemons off a tree, wiped them off and ate them skin and all. very tasty but have been told that may not be so good for the teeth.

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