Culture 101 – Logo of the Future

March 17, 2008 § 2 Comments

After spending 400,000 pounds (GB) or about $800,000 (US) on the design of the 2012 Olympics logo, Britain’s Olympics committee recently revealed the official logo.


The people of Great Britain have already received a pretty nice return for this expensive investment… a good laugh. Public sentiments in England with regards to the logo were negative; many Britons had actually forgo their tea time a whole week in protest. Personally, I found the logo to be quite cool but London has never been considered as hip.

Here is an online petition to get the logo scrapped: petition

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§ 2 Responses to Culture 101 – Logo of the Future

  • composeanalysis says:

    That is an amzing dollar figure for a logo, I can see why people would be upset, I do however like the logo as well.

  • from Email says:

    Getty (from England) wrote:

    We certainly had a laugh about the Olympics logo – before our smiles turned into fume and anger. What made it worse was that they also spent ridiculous amounts of money on an advertising campaign for TV, which was immediately axed because there were far too many flashing images and was deemed a severe health risk to epilepsy sufferers. So, in summary – loads of tax payers money has been spent on an ugly health risk (I guess that pretty much sums up our government at the moment)!

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