Trivia Friday – April 17

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We return to Korea this week.

1. Which of the following Korean cuisines and dishes is the most common?
a) Gochujang b) Bulgogi c) mbab d) Kimchi e) Ramyeon

2. The most important holiday on the North Korean calendar is
a) New Year Day b) Independence Day c) Liberation Day d) Army Day e) Birthday of a Dear Leader

I’ll post the answers later in the comment section. Check out more Korea trivia questions.

Cherry Blossoms Day!

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Sent to me straight from Japan.


A Soldier’s Story, Part III

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“Mom, you know how much I love you. There is nothing I want more at this moment than to stand beside your grave to bid you a final farewell. However, every one of my comrades has a home they long to return and loved ones they would love to see again. I couldn’t bear returning to the luxury of home & comfort, and leave my comrades behind in the heat of battles. Mom, please forgive me. You have always taught me to be a conscious man. I shall not let you down.”

Ethan was killed by enemy fire 5 weeks later. He died in the arms of his comrades. Even as he was dying, he held tightly in his hand a photo of his family and wouldn’t let go. He was indeed a conscious man.

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A Soldier’s Story, Part II

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A new war had started. Ethan’s unit was sent to the fiercest of the battlefields – an ocean away from home. During that same year, his mother suffered a serious illness; she passed away after one week in intensive care. Knowing how much Ethan’s mother meant to him, his sisters requested the military to grant him a special leave so he could attend his mother’s funeral. The request was granted, but Ethan declined to take the leave.

Ethan’s decision to stay with his units rather than to return for his mother’s funeral confounded his sisters. They tried to think of an excuse for his refusal, but couldn’t.

On the day of the funeral, a special letter from Ethan was delivered to the family. When his sisters read the letter, they were sobbed with tears. But their tears didn’t come out of sadness; they were the products of joy.

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A Soldier’s Story, Part I

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Ethan came from a long line of black berets. Both his grandfather and father died while fighting valiantly for their country. For 18 years, his mother had single-handedly raised Ethan and his two sisters. To feed her kids and pay for their education, she had worked as a seamstress, a waitress, a nurse, and at countless other jobs. Despite the hardships, no one had ever heard her complaining. She was a remarkable woman, people said.

Ethan and his mother had a very special bond. He once promised her that he would take care of the whole family when he grew up. He wanted to be the man of the house, just like his father was. After Ethan graduated from college, he shocked his whole family when he announced his plan to join the army to become a black beret. His announcement was greeted with dissent by his sisters. His mother, on the other hand, remained silent. As much as she didn’t want him to join the military, she understood the military blood that flowed within him. She did not want to keep him back.

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Trivia Friday – April 10

April 10, 2015 § 1 Comment

Today we explore the Land of the Rising Sun.

1. What is the Japanese term for cherry blossom?
a) Ume b) Yamabuki c) Sakura d) Kobai e) None of these

2. True or False. Most streets in Japan do not have a name.

3. The indigenous religion of the Japanese is
a) Buddhism b) Taoism c) Christianity d) Confucianism e) Shintoism

I’ll post the answers later in the comment section. Check out more Japanese trivia questions.

Reverse Justice, Part IV (Final)

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An hour later, the court reconvened and the jury was asked to deliver its recommendations. In a stunning fashion, the jury found the suspect guilty of all counts of first-degree murder. The verdict left the defense attorney absolutely baffled. He unleashed a strong tirade against the verdict and threatened the jury with retribution. The judge quickly took control of the court and ordered the lawyer to stop his antics, so he could explain the reason behind the verdict.

The jury found the suspect guilty on the basis that while people were looking at the door, the killer didn’t. This proved that he was the perpetrator, since only the real killer would know for sure that his victims were dead, and thus effectively superseded any other arguments and considerations. Upon hearing the explanation, the attorney was completely stunned as he realized he had been defeated by his own ruse. In a world full of injustice, it is nice to have a happy ending.

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