Au Revoir, Paris – Part II

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The following summer, he decided to travel to Paris to resolve the one mystery that had been confounding him. Steve was able to locate her residence using the address on the letters. Unfortunately, neither she nor her family was still living at the aforementioned address. The place was now being used as a boarding house.

Steve tried to ask the landlady if she knows the whereabouts of the residence’s former occupants. Although the lady was nice and accommodating, she didn’t seem to understand his scrappy French very well; she thought he was some American tourist hoping to rent a room for the night. When he explained he was not there for lodging, her attitude towards him completely changed. As a matter of fact, she chased him out of the building with a broom (an exaggeration).

For the next several days, Steve wandered every corner of Paris searching for his lost childhood friend. Paris was every bit as wonderful as she described. Walking pass the famed Eiffel Tower at night was a remarkable experience. Regrettably, he was in no mood to enjoy it. During his return flight, Steve’s mind was full of unresolved questions. Will he ever find his childhood friend again?

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Au Revoir, Paris – Part I

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In the course of our lives, we make lots of friends and establish many enduring relationships. No friendships, however, are as valuable and abiding as the ones started in childhood. There is something so pure and innocent about such friendships; they were established without preconditions and prospects of mutual benefits.

One of Steve’s closest childhood friends lived in Paris. He used to have a crush on her when they were little. Being such a terrific writer, she insisted they would correspond through letters. Life in Paris was the most popular theme discussed. Her beautiful descriptions of the city – its magnificent architecture, scenic landscape and of course the unbelievable nightlife – were amazing. Enthralled by them, he promised her he would visit Paris when he has a chance to go through the experience first hand.

The two lost contact about five years ago. Inexplicably, she stopped sending him letters. Moreover, his letters to her were returned to his address. At first, Steve thought it was a postal problem. But after not hearing anything from her for over a year, he realized there might be a bigger problem. Through a friend, Steve was able to obtain her telephone number. Unfortunately, the number was no longer valid; he was still unable to contact her.

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Poetry: Promise to a Soldier

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You won’t die, my friend

not on treacherous hills
and tall mountains,

not in viny jungles
and rugged valleys.


You won’t die, my friend

not in the hall of history
nor on the trail of glory,

not in the love yet to be found
nor in stories yet to be told.


You won’t die, my friend

not until the end of time.

Happy Memorial Day!

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One thing I do know for sure is that military people are the bravest men and women a country has to offer. No one is more willing to sacrifice for his country than a soldier is. No one would put himself in the line of fire to protect his comrades, and to make way for them to move forward like a soldier would. Soldiers are indeed born of a different breed.  Simon Nguyen

The Thin Red Line of Courage, Part IV

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Chicago’s police later discovered Eddie lying dead near his car. They found in his pocket a crucifix, a poem clipped from a newspaper, and a small notebook. What was particular interesting was the fact the notebook had not been updated since a particular date in 1930; Eddie kept it with him until his death.

On an autumn day in 1949, thousands of people gathered at the newly built international airport in Chicago to celebrate the dedication of the facility to a fallen WWII hero. The hero’s father was an attorney who used to live in darkness, but found the light at the end. Among the gatherers was a young woman who held tightly in her hands an old notebook. Long after the ceremony ended, the girl remained seated on one of the seats. She was busy filling up the last page of the notebook. A happy ending? One certainly hopes so.

Everyday in our life, we face a fine line between right and wrong. Do we have the courage to do the right thing?

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The Thin Red Line of Courage, Part III

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These words were like sharp arrows piercing through Eddie’s heart. Up until now, he was not aware of the burdens his association with Capone put on his family. Eddie was determined to right his wrongs and he knew exactly what to do. In the next 3 years, he secretly gathered evidences of Capone’s wrongdoings. Capone was arrested in 1933, convicted of tax evasion. Eddie’s undercover work for federal authorities was later revealed. Upon learning this, Capone was enraged. He ordered his men to exact revenge on the ungraceful traitor.

Eddie was on his way home one day, when his car was ambushed by gunmen at an open field. Numerous shots were fired. Eddie’s car windows were completely shattered; his body was covered with blood. Convinced that their victim had died, the men quickly left the scene. But their victim had not yet died. Summoning his remaining strength, Eddie got out of his car and slowly crawled toward a telephone booth nearby.

All he wanted to do at that moment was to be able to talk to his wife and son, for the very last time. But before Eddie could get to the booth, numbness had taken over his body; he could no longer move. Blood streamed out from his wounds like violent flood waters. His breathing was rapidly losing strength. A young girl, who was playing nearby at the time, witnessed the whole incident – sad and confused.

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The Thin Red Line of Courage, Part II

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One afternoon, Eddie was working in his office when he saw his teenage son coming home from school with bruises all over his body. When Eddie pressed his son on the cause of the injuries, the son remained silent refusing to disclose what had happened. The next day, his son came home from school with yet more bruises. The young boy would, however, remain steadfast in his silence. Even when Eddie transferred his son to another school, the result was the same. Perturbed, Eddie decided to secretly follow his son to school to find out the truth behind this mystery.

Immediately upon entering the school’s entrance, his son was confronted by a group of teenagers who grabbed him to the side and gave him a good beating. What was puzzling was the fact Eddie’s son, who was by no mean a coward, did not fight back. It was as though the son actually wanted the group to beat him up. Just as Eddie was about to intervene, he overheard one of the bullies revealing an explanation as to why they were beating his son.

“Capone has done so many evil things. Yet, your dad is helping him getting away with it. Every time we see you, we are reminded of our murdered fathers, uncles and friends. Someone must pay for it.”

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