Elephant’s Revenge, Part II

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The following evening started surprisingly calm. Many villagers went to sleep unguarded thinking the worst had passed. At roughly past midnight, the whole village was abruptly awakened by thunderous noises. Before they could realize what was happening, the walls around them collapsed.

The villagers quickly evacuated from their homes. Unfortunately, they were greeted outside by numerous rampant elephants. The monstrous creatures showed the defenseless villagers absolutely no mercy. Some villagers fell victims to the elephants’ indiscriminate tusks. Others were trampled to death. There were total chaos and bloodshed; cries of agony could be heard miles away.

By morning, the whole village was found to be totally annihilated. Most of the homes were destroyed and farmlands were flattened. Odors of dead bodies consumed the air. The sun’s blazing heat added even more misery to what had already been a grim travesty. For a village of several hundreds, only a few dozens survived. The clear victims were the children of the village. Many of them vanished in the stampede. Those survived will have to spend the rest of their lives as orphans without homes.

Mankind and Nature used to coexist peacefully. What has become of our world?

Elephant’s Revenge, Part I

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Years of human exploration have driven the elephants out of their natural habitat-the jungles of Southeast Asia. Some of the elephants ended up living near a farming village. At nighttime when no villagers were around, a few of them would sneak into the farm and make a nice feast out of the crops there. Since the elephants were so big in size, their unwanted visits left behind lots of damages.

The villagers were clearly not happy about the intrusion. They hired a couple of professional elephant hunters to track down the culprits. The hunt was successful; the two elephants responsible for the damaged crops were killed.

For several days after the killing, the villagers enjoyed some tranquil time. They would, however, start to hear the sound of elephants mournfully trumpeting-coming from where the two elephants were killed. The sound would get louder and become more depressing in the days after. As one would expect, the villagers were quite concerned about this. They sent several elephant hunters to where the sound originated from to investigate the matter.

Two days after the hunters were sent, there was still no sight of them coming back. The noise, on the other hand, was growing louder and louder. Alarmed by the situation, the villagers decided to put a barrier around the village just in case something bad might happen.

Poetry: In Exile

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My homeland
Is where the river flows,
And where the tall grass dance,
And where the crickets chirp
In a warm summer night.

My homeland
Is where the rooster crows,
And where the piglets oink,
And where young ducks wobble
In a blistering winter morning.


If you chance upon my land,
Do me a favor and tell the river to stop grieving
Because better days are ahead.

If you encounter the old faithful oak,
Offer him a little hug
And spare him a tickle or two.

If you pass by the field of crops,
Don’t forget to take a short respite
To smell the sweet tomatoes
And fragrant rice.

If you come across a wooden house,
Sandwiched between the coconut trees,
Gently awaken him from his long slumber
And tell him to prepare for his master’s return – someday.

If you meet the people,
Returning home after a long work day,
Tell them to cease their longing
And live outside the shadow of unhappiness
And of sorrows.

Oh Stranger! Why life has to be so despondent,
So unfair, so full of conflicts?
Oh Stranger! Will my last wish ever be fulfilled?

Poetry: Death at the Seine

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It must be hard for the river Seine
To preside over unions and heartbreaks.
How many unions end happily?
How many vows have been kept?
Even a stoic Seine could not quell her sorrows.

It must be hard for a young girl’s heart
To endure the pain of heartbreak.
How cruel it is to betray her innocence
And break the vow made at the Seine.
All she could do is to find peace in the river
and sow regrets in her betrayer’s heart.

May she rest well in the other world.

Poetry: The Lotus

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Don’t judge people. Get to know them, understand them.


in a swamp,
a lotus reigns.

green leaves, white petals,
yellow pistils in between.

day after day,
its beauty grows.

lives in muddy waters,
yet untainted.

Poetry: Broken Sail

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I met her in a dream.
In fantasy land, we kissed.
The blossoms danced to celebrate,
And the wind found its rhythm.
We exchanged romantic glances
And took a walk under the starry sky.

Our love is a sail set for high seas.
It starts out pleasantly, but storms are on the horizon.
The lighthouse suddenly loses its glow,
And the waves are overcome by resentful winds.
What will the ending be?
A glamorous love dies in a storm?
A beautiful dream interrupts by the rise of morning?

I guess it has to be.
I guess it had to be.

The Queen’s Flowers

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The people of Utopia Town were in celebratory mood. The Queen just announced she will be visiting the town in a few months time. Knowing how much the Queen loved tulip flowers, the townspeople prepared a splendid tulip garden – to be shown to the queen upon her visit. Unfortunately, spring came late this year; the flowers won’t be able to bloom in time for the Queen’s visit. The townspeople, however, were determined to not let a late spring ruining their plan. The town mayor sent people to nearby towns to purchases cut tulips and embedded them in and around the garden.

When the townspeople showed the Queen their magnificent garden, she was impressed; the tulips were so lovely. The Queen enjoyed the flowers so much that she decided to personally pick a few from the garden to further her appreciation of their beauty. It was then that she realized these were cut tulips; the garden was nothing more than a ruse.

As one would expect, the townspeople were quite embarrassed by the revelation. But to everyone’s amazement, the Queen simply ignored the nuisance. She pretended as though nothing had happened. The Queen even went on to praise the townspeople for cultivating such a lovely garden and rewarded them handsomely for their effort.

How do you feel about her action?


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