Happy Thanksgiving!

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May the seeds of goodness planted by you and your loved ones bear sweet fruits in this season of Thanksgiving. -Mr. Simon

Fun Thanksgiving Riddles

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1) Where can one find the world’s biggest turkey?
Answer: The Republic of Turkey

2) What do people do on Thanksgiving Day?
Answer: Giving thanks

3) How many Indians were present at the pilgrims’ Thanksgiving feast?
Answer: Zero, Native Americans and not Indians (who live in India) were present.

4) “What did the turkeys sing on Thanksgiving Day?”
Answer: God save the kin.

5) Where is the luckiest turkey on Thanksgiving Day?
Answer: At the White House

6) The longest corporate sponsor of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is ________.
Answer: Macy

7) “Why did the police arrest the turkey?”
Answer: They suspected it of fowl play.

A Thanksgiving Poem to Teachers

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I am thankful for
The aroma of fresh paper,
The pen’s superb utility
And the schoolyard’s pleasing scenery.

I am thankful for
The knowledge I have gained,
The skills I have mastered
And the positive attitude I have acquired.

I am thankful for
My teachers’ excellent teaching,
Endless patience
And unrivaled dedication.

To all teachers past, present and future: You will be remembered on this Thanksgiving Day and beyond.


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The more I try to forget, the more she lives in my heart. I know she does not love me, but my heart still beats blissfully.

One of my favorite songwriters/composers passed away a few days ago. In my world, a songwriter is much more important than a singer. May he find peace in his next life!

Poetry: Sad Melody

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I was driving home one afternoon when……

Darkness falls
When light still reigns.
From afar,
A sad bell rings.
Puffs of cloud
Wander the sky.
Frantic birds
Ponder their path.


Darkness falls
When light still reigns.
Falling leaves
Fill empty streets.
Scattered showers
Sadden one’s soul.
A lonely heart
Seeks his way home.

Bizarre Korea – Plastic Surgery

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South Korea is the world’s plastic surgery capital. Various statistics put the number of South Koreans who went under the knife to be roughly one in five women and one in ten men. These rates are several times higher than those of the next highest county. Plastic surgeries are so popular in this East Asian country that there are commercial districts with nothing but plastic surgery clinics. People in South Korea are not afraid to talk about plastic surgeries. Cosmetic procedures have become part of the mainstream.

The popularity of K-drama brings the Korean obsession for plastic surgeries to other Asian countries as well. There are clinics in countries like Vietnam that offer their clients an opportunity to have K-pop stars’ exact look.

Next – It Runs in the Family

Sword of Fury – Chapter III, Part 6

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A century ago, there was a famous blacksmith named Koseo. He was regarded as history’s greatest blacksmith, creating countless weapons used by top fighters in the pugilistic world. However, Koseo still felt he had yet to craft his greatest masterpieces. Although he had superior skills, he did not have good materials to smith the ultimate weapons. Koseo would spend most of his later years traveling the continent to search for the best materials.

One day, the blacksmith reached a small mining town located at the edge of the eastern sphere and decided to stay for the night. That night, the whole village was shaken by a huge explosion. According to some witnesses, a giant rock fell from the sky generating a powerful blast when it landed on a nearby mountaintop. Koseo was curious of this rock and decided to investigate it. What he discovered from the rock’s fragments was a one-of-a-kind metal that could be used to craft extremely powerful weapons.

Koseo brought the materials back to his workshop and used them to smith five different weapons – a sword, a spear, a set of throwing knives, an iron fan and a pair of tiger claws — collectively known as the Five Great Weapons.


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