Poetry: Deluge

September 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

Rain, rain, why won’t you go away
and not turn open roads into treacherous ways?
Love is not a game to be played to the heart’s content.
Life is not a chore to be taken lightly.
But the rain never stops,
Defying one’s honest desires.
Rain washes away aspirations
And shatters expectant dreams.

Under the hostile clouds, a traveler loses his way.
He wants to love someone, but cruel fate won’t allow it.
A fragile life does not deserve to love or be loved.
What happiness could he give?

Does Heaven listen to the cries of the hapless?
Will he find true love someday?

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2014 Ryder Cup in 10 days!

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The Ryder Cup is one of those team competitions that really bring out the nationalistic passion of the teams involved. Regardless of whether or not you’re a golf fan, it is always exciting to root for our country’s team.The event pits the Americans against a united European team. The US has lost 10 of the last 14 cups to Europe, so the team is highly motivated to win back the cup. This year’s edition will be played in Scotland, so there will be a 5-hour difference for U.S. East Coast and 8-hour for the West Coast.

For the first time ever, NBC will show the event live despite the time difference. The peacock network usually only shows the Ryder Cup on home soil live. I will be rooting for Team USA, though I am not optimistic about the U.S. chances. Check out the 2014 Ryder Cup TV Schedule. The competition starts September 26.

Distressed kilt

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As the Scots prepare to vote for their independence from the United Kingdom, one question remains on the mind of some people. What do “true” Scottish men wear underneath their traditional kilts?

The answer is …..nothing at all!


Image was taken by Fu Chun Wai for the Associated Press.

Poetry: In Exile

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My homeland
Is where the river flows,
And where the tall grass dance,
And where the crickets chirp
In a summer night.

My homeland
Is where the rooster crows,
And where the piglets oink,
And where young ducks wobble
In blistering winds.


If you chance upon my land,
Do me a favor and tell the river to stop grieving,
Because better days are ahead.

If you encounter the old faithful oak,
Offer him a little hug
And spare him a tickle or two.

If you pass by the field of crops,
Don’t forget to take a short respite
To smell the sweet tomatoes
And fragrant rice.

If you come across a wooden house,
Sandwiched between the coconut trees,
Gently awake him from his long slumber
And tell him to prepare for his master’s return – someday.

If you meet the people,
Returning home after a long work day,
Tell them to cease their longing
And live outside the shadow of unhappiness
And of sorrows.

Oh Stranger! Why life has to be so despondent,
So unfair, so full of conflicts?
Oh Stranger! Will my last wish ever be fulfilled?

Poetry: Death at the Seine

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It must be hard for the river Seine
To preside over unions and heartbreaks.
How many unions end happily?
How many vows have been kept?
Even a stoic Seine could not quell her sorrows.

It must be hard for a young girl’s heart
To endure the pain of heartbreak.
How cruel it is to betray her innocence
And break the vow made at the Seine.
All she could do is to find peace in the river
and sow regrets in her betrayer’s heart.

May she rest well in the other world.

2014 Road Cycling Worlds in one week!

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I did not know how popular cycling is in Europe until I was informed of it by my Spanish friend. Cycling is huge in Europe, especially in countries like Great Britain, Spain and France. Every town has its own cycling competition, and there are countless cycling clubs and organizations. This is the reason why the Tour de France, the sport’s elite competition, is one of the most watched annual sporting events in the world. I would even say it is on par with the Champions League. I am pretty sure the high viewership is driven by Europeans, because the interests outside of Europe are not very strong.

In one week time, Ponferrada will play host the 2014 Road Cycling World Championships. Top cyclists from all over the world will compete for the right to be called world champions. American cycling fans can check out the 2014 UCI Road World Championships TV Schedule. Best of luck to all competitors!

The Phoenix’s Tail, Part IV

September 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

Fifteen years later, Ken was now an internationally acclaimed architect with projects all over the world. Unlike his peers, he chose to stay in his hometown and base his career here. Ken remained single, as work had taken priority in his life. Today will be a special day for him. After a meeting with a client, he will take a flight to Tokyo to receive a major architecture award for his signature skyscraper design.

The meeting with the client went smoothly and ended a bit earlier than scheduled. With a little more than an hour to go before his flight, Ken decided to visit a nearby coffee shop for a quick sip of his favorite cappuccino. As he was walking to the coffee shop, he caught sight of an elegant lady leaving the shop. Something about this woman was very familiar to him. Curious, Ken decided to follow her. The closer he was to her the faster his heart was racing. An old feeling rekindled. Could she be the love he lost many years ago?

The woman got into a taxi and drove off. Ken also got into a taxi and continued his pursuit. His phone was ringing nonstop all this time with messages from his secretary about his pending flight. But he simply ignored them. He had lost the love of his life once; he won’t lose her again. Ken followed the lady for a long time until she stopped at a cemetery. When his taxi reached the cemetery, the woman had already gone inside a couple minutes before. Ken went in to look for her, but she was nowhere to be found.

After searching futilely for nearly an hour, Ken decided to take a little break on a stone bench. As he was resting, his eyes were accidentally affixed on two nearby tombstones. There were a half dozen Poinciana flowers on each tombstone. Apparently, the two graves were the final resting places of a husband and wife. They died on the same day, which was exactly a week before the start of Ken’s high school senior year.

That woman was really Emily after all. She left the academy because of her parents’ death and not because of him. The mystery Ken had wrestled with all these years was finally solved.

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