Deadly Creatures in a bottle

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Despite being imprisoned inside a bottle, the rivalry between eternal enemies – cobra and scorpion – continues nonetheless. Who is the king of deadly creatures?

Stranger than Fiction: Eiffel Tower

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Visiting the Eiffel Tower is one exhilarating experience. There is a dangerous side to it however. Over the years, there have been quite a few instances of people committing suicide by jumping off the famous tower. On more than one occasion, the suicidal person landed on a bystander below. Ironically, the person who jumped off the tower suffered only minor injuries while the poor passerby died of a broken neck. I guess the Eiffel Tower is more than meets the eye. :)

Equestrian Games in one week!

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The world’s best equestrian riders and their horses will converge in Normandy next week for World Equestrian Games – the sport’s biggest competition. The event will last for two weeks, with eight different disciplines being featured. Long regarded as a sport reserved for the elites, the sport’s governing body (FEI) hopes to use this event to gain mass attention and propel it to become a mainstream sport. The last edition of the event (four years ago) was hugely successful, earning good attendance and TV ratings. What will this year’s WEG do an encore? Here is the 2014 World Equestrian Games TV Schedule for U.S. viewers.

Poetry: Ode to Mothers

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A Mother’s love is as wide as the Pacific Ocean, boundless.
A Mother’s heart is as pure as water from the source, wholesome.
A Mother’s eyes are as bright as stars in the sky, illuminating.
How could I forget your endearing lullaby,
Carrying me into the realm of fancy.

For countless nights, you have tended my sleep.
For countless days, you have stood by my side
Sharing my joys, comforting my sadness.
Through rain and shine, you have been there for me.
Neither fierce winds nor graying of hair nor pain and sickness could slow you down.

A Mother responds:
Watching you grow makes me proud.
Hearing your voice makes me smile.
Having your company makes my day.

To Mom: Please sing the sweet lullaby once more!

Stranger than Fiction: Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment is the oldest form of public punishment. In ancient times, capital punishment was in the form of death by either guillotine, stoning or hanging. In modern times, we find it more civilized to either inject the convicted with fatal drugs or send them to the electric chair. Some countries like China find it more feasible, economically, to hand the criminals over to the firing squad. The process is efficiently quick and painless.

There is one form of execution that is unknown to most people, but is popular in some parts of the world. The procedure for this form of execution is as follows. The murder offender is brought to the mountaintop with his hands all tied up. He is then be pushed down the mountain. Typically, the “push” is done by an officer of the court. However, members of the victim’s family may ask for permission to carry out the execution themselves.

It is interesting to note that if the person happens to survive the fall, he or she will not be pursued for past crimes and can start a new life with a clean sheet. But the probability for survival is probably not very high.

The Legendary Love Flowers, Part III

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Heramba hired the best doctors in the world to take care his beloved Mamata. Unfortunately, none of them was able to figure out what had been ailing her. Mamata’s health continued to rapidly deteriorate. During her illness, Heramba spent countless hours by her bedside tending to her every need; his devotion to her was unsurpassed. Mamata was really touched by his love. She died a happy woman. She had no regrets.

The truth was that the flower Mamata consumed was Odisse and not Amor. Mamata died because she loved him so much. Despite the excruciating pain, she just could not stop loving Heramba. She would rather die than stop thinking about him.

When Heramba finally realized his tragic error, he was determined to atone for his sin. He spent the remainder of his life looking for the legendary flower Amor. Twenty years later, Heramba finally found Amor on the Himalayas and promptly consumed it. He will never again forget his beloved Mamata.

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The Legendary Love Flowers, Part II

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When Heramba heard that the magical flower Amor was spotted on the famed Mount Kailash, he was determined to get the flower for himself. Blessed with a hefty fortune he inherited from his late father, Heramba hired the best climbers in the world to roam over the great Kailash searching for the legendary flower. It wasn’t long before the flower was found and delivered to the wealthy patron. Heramba, of course, kept this secret from Mamata.

Mamata was an avid tea drinker. She started every morning with a cup of vintage tea. Little that she knew, Heramba had been mixing her tea with Amor’s petals.

Heramba’s little scheme appeared to work out exactly as he had hoped. The flower was as advertised and may be more. Mamata’s affections for him seemed to multiply by leaps and bounds; she was more devoted to him than ever before. Yet, her increased love was accompanied by worsening health. She was suffering from a mysterious illness.

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