Bizarre Korea – Plastic Surgery

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South Korea is the world’s plastic surgery capital. Various statistics put the number of South Koreans who went under the knife to be roughly one in five women and one in ten men. These rates are several times higher than those of the next highest county. Plastic surgeries are so popular in this East Asian country that there are commercial districts with nothing but plastic surgery clinics. People in South Korea are not afraid to talk about plastic surgeries. Cosmetic procedures have become part of the mainstream.

The popularity of K-drama brings the Korean obsession for plastic surgeries to other Asian countries as well. There are clinics in countries like Vietnam that offer their clients an opportunity to have K-pop stars’ exact look.

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Poetry: Melancholy of Dreams

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I dream of a purple horizon,
Where nostalgia torments the aching heart
and sad memories enkindle heartfelt tears.

How unfortunate to be alone in the world
To lament the solitary curse.

I dream of a trip down memory lane
To recall a place of feelings
And rediscover a splendid love.

Sometimes I wish they were just dreams,
So the pain and happiness of lost love
could be buried in the hollow soul.

My love,
Will I meet you again in the next life
Or will this be our eternal parting?

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Sword of Fury: Chapter II, Part 6

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Cha Ri was the first and only one to approach him. He was overwhelmed by his sincerity. The two quickly became close friends. In fact, they were more like brothers than friends. But happy times were short-lived. He soon faced the sad reality that his family was running out of money and he would have to drop out from the school soon.

He was under pressure from his parents to maximize his learning at Tosan. In his desperation, he made the most regrettable mistake in his entire life, which was to attempt to steal the most powerful manuscript of Tosan’s fencing. He was unsuccessful and got caught in the act by Master Winter, the guardian of the manuscript.

Stealing the manuscript was the most severe violation of Tosan’s code of conduct. According to the rules, those who attempted to steal the manuscript will be sentenced to death. He was about to be executed when Cha came to his rescue. Using his sincerest tone, Cha tried his best to persuade the Tosan’s headmasters to reduce his punishment.

At the end, Cha successfully convinced the headmasters to spare his friend’s life. Instead, the masters crippled the offender’s left knee and banished him from the school. The biggest victim in this whole ordeal was Cha, who was also banished from the school.

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Bizarre Japan – Forest of Death

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Located at the base of the world’s famous Mount Fuji is a forest called Aokigahara. This forest has many infamous nicknames – Forest of Death, Suicide Forest and Sea of Trees. There are many eerie things about this place that spook human outsiders. Some claim the forest is an eternal maze, trapping its victims inside with few escape paths. Others claim it has high levels of paranormal activities. One thing is clear, however. Suicidal people in Japan love to use this forest as their final resting place. Each year, hundreds of Japanese attempt suicide in Aokigahara, with hanging being the most popular method. Some suicidal survivors claim they were drawn to the forest because of the convoluted sense of direction. This means their loved ones won’t be able to easily locate them in the forest in an attempt to stop the suicide.

To help keep the forest clean and sanitized, local authorities conduct monthly sweeps to remove dead bodies and trash. Additionally, a sign is posted at the forest’s entrance, urging life-weary visitors to think about their children and family before committing the unfortunate act.

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Quotes of the Day – Fear

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There are no such things as insuperable mountains and impassable rivers. There are only fears of insuperable mountains and impassable rivers. -Proverb

Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. -FDR

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. -Plato

Always do what you are afraid to do. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

We should not fret for what is past, nor should we be anxious about the future. -Chanakya

Sword of Fury: Chapter II, Part 5

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Watching the boy from afar was his adopted father. When he saw the boy managed to rise up using his own will, he was overcome with joys.

“My old friend, your son has finally grown up. It’s only a matter of time before he will avenge your death.” The man whispered.

He then looked down to his crippled foot and took a deep sigh.

“This is the least I could do for you. After all, I owed you my life.”

When he was ten, his family sent him to Tosan to study martial arts. His parents had high hopes for him. They spent a large deal of money on his schooling. His father even sold his pawn shop to pay for his study at Tosan. However, his schooling was not a smooth ride. Frankly, he did not born to be a champion fencer. Although he worked relentlessly on his martial arts’ skills, he made little progress. His social life also shared the same fate. Having a shy personality, he had a hard time befriending with other schoolmates.

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Bizarre Korea – Man’s Best Meal

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If you thought dog-fighting is cruel, here’s something that will definitely make you cringe. Eating dog’s meat is one of Korea’s most valued traditions. There are other countries that also allow dogs to be killed for their meat, but the practice is more widespread in Korea. In fact, dog’s meat (cooked or soup) is one of Korea’s national dishes. Many Koreans raise dogs, in the so-called dog farms, for the sole purpose of slaughtering them for their meat. You can actually enter a restaurant in Korea right now and order a platter of cooked dog’s meat for dinner.

Despite repeated protests from international groups, this practice continues to thrive in the Land of the Morning Calm. Several polls have found that many South Koreans would rather have their government, severing diplomatic ties with any foreign governments that oppose them slaughtering dogs for food, than to give up this deeply rooted tradition.

I wonder how Mr. Obama would react if he is offered a dish of spicy cooked dog’s meat.

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